I remember

I remember when life was much simpler

When my biggest worry wasn’t what college I’m going to attend

But that ginger on the playground who kept being rude to me,

When summer homework was an optional packet of worksheets

And not a pile of AP class assignments that warned me of how hard my schedule is going to be the coming school year,

When not having a boyfriend was normal

And having one was actually completely out of the ordinary,

When friendship was between people who played with each other during break

And not a complicated mass of cliques, lies and possible backstabbing,

When money wasn’t a big issue,

Even if it was for your parents, who tried not to burden you with the knowledge of having money problems,

When it was acceptable to get up early Saturday mornings to watch cartoons,

Instead of having to go here and there for appointments or for a run to control your weight,

When the worst consequence for anything was having your parents find out.

Now it’s different.

I remember all of these things

I remember being a kid

Back then I thought I was mature for a kid,

Hell, little did I know,

It’s bad to grow up

Who wants to think about

AP classes

the SAT



the fragility of our aging parents

When you can think about

Dragon Tales



Monkey bars

Cute boys


I remember being a kid.

I wish I still was one.

Mr. Pan, let me join you

In that wonderful world you call Neverland.



(Response to a writing challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/08/05/writing-challenge-remember/)