Not So Venturous Adventures at Costco

The middle aged man, dressed in his red Costco employee apron, stood in front of his miniature table. On the table were three sports drinks, all different but vibrant colors, as well as a tray of small sample cups.

He beckons to a nearby customer to have a taste.

“It’s naturally sweet, with xylitol,” I hear him say as I walk by his table on my way to the checkout line.

“Actually, if it has xylitol in it, it’s sweetened by a sugar substitute and therefore is not naturally sweet,” I think to myself.

But I refrain from being a smartass and go on with my day.


San Francisco Happenings

Last Wednesday I roamed around Fisherman’s Wharf and, later, Marina District with my older sister Helen. You see, for the longest time my sister has had an obsession with walking around and seeing places, which I believe to be out of character for her because she’s usually such a lazy bum at home. Joking…sort of.

One of our first stops in Fisherman’s Wharf was this place:


Bread creations in the Boudin Museum…pretty cool, right?

I wonder if those giant bread alligators (or crocodiles, who knows) actually end up being eaten or if they’re just for show.


Little crabs! How adorable!


San Francisco is a pretty chilly place, but the weather was actually quite nice that day! Still rather windy in places near the sea, however, but that’s expected.

The sea is soooo calming. Those white noise machines can’t compare; the peacefulness of listening to actual waves crashing into one another, while taking in the fresh ocean air as a breeze blows into your face and hair, is simply beyond comparison.


Concerning this seagull– Helen attempted to take a picture with it for reasons unknown (I actually don’t really understand why someone would want to take a picture with a bird) but it started walking further and further away until she had to run to chase it. Then it flew away. What a loser, can’t even make friends with a bird.


Has a Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it, if you ask me!


As we walked past the beach we then reached this place, which Helen said was Marina District, but I’m not quite sure if it was. It was a long–and I mean long–pathway out into the ocean. There were lots of people walking, running, and biking here because of the great view. It was beautiful (my picture doesn’t do it justice). It was also an especially cold and windy location.

Anyway, we ended up doing two hours of walking and saw lots of pretty sights, so I understand why my sister had been yearning to visit San Francisco. We should go again before she has to go to Maryland…